Shade for Your Eyes

by Christine Markel Lampe

So how do you go about protecting your delicate baby-blues (or whatever color) from the radiating effects of the sun? Oakleys, Ray-Bans and Gargoyles really detract from the proper look we are trying to achieve. Many of us have been guilty of this sin, so we fully sympathize with the need for some protection from the sun's glare, especially out upon the waters.

Period-looking sunglasses are acceptable and available. Eighteenth century reproductions in brass or German silver frames can be had from Dr. Ron McDaniel, 1394 E. Meiks Rd, Shelbyville, IN, 46176 (phone 317-392-4429 or 317-398-0305).

Instead of sunglasses, shade your eyes with a big floppy hat. Out at sea, you might worry about the wind blowing your expensive feathery masterpiece overboard. Then try these suggestions from Alice York Bradford:

  1. Use a head scarf and a hat pin.
  2. Put Velcro on the inside where the sweatband would go.
  3. Use a hat leash -- a cord that clips onto the back of your collar and the back of your hat. That is what the little loop on the back of Western shirts is designed for. We have seen hat leashes at REI and several Army-Navy surplus stores. Or make your own.

Christine Lampe is a founding member of PRP and was its first newsletter editor. She currently edits and produces No Quarter Given, and can often be found wherever pirates play.